An animated short film exploring an individual human life. Represented to visually compare it to all life in the universe, from microscopic cells to colossal celestial bodies.

Initial oil pastel concept sketch.

Rough 3D concept of the planet/cell like structure representing the characters life.

A simple simulation test I made to ensure that gravity, cloth, rope and destruction simulation could be used to add additional details on top of the final 3D animation.

Closeup concept artwork of 2D colour on 3D model.

Concept artwork, photobash.

The visuals would be much more refined than the initial oil pastel concept, but looser and more expressive than the closeup concept above. I would begin by finalizing an audio scratch track to work to.

Then animate a 2D animatic in TVPaint to keep the overall movement loose and expressive. I would then animate over it in 3D. This would allow the camera to move freely around the sphere which would be difficult in 2D due to the amount of moving parts. I would animate effects animation in 2D using TVPaint.

I would then render the 3D in a style similar to the closeup concept above. This way rather than manually colouring every frame from scratch I could use a similar technique to the Saad Moosajee music videos seen below, where each 3D rendered frame is printed and worked on top of with traditional media. 4 - 5 minute film. 1440 - 1800 Frames (on 4’s). Colour over 50 - 60 frames a day for 1 month.

I think the boiling texture will help to make the sphere feel like a living, breathing organism. 


Visual Rerence. Thom Yorke animated music video by Saad Moosajee. Uses traditional media on top of printed 3D render.

Visual Rerence. Boris Labbe. Looping 2D organic-like structures.

Visual Rerence. Mitski animated music video by Saad Moosajee. Uses traditional media on top of printed 3D animation.


3D Gravity simulation.

Cell division timelapse.

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