Story development notes from sketchbook.
Story development notes from sketchbook.
Sourced artists mood board. Black Swan, Mephisto, Jorge Gonzalez, Robert Valley, Damian Chazelle
Location research mood board. Birdman, Theater Backstage, Rope Pulley System
Field research from The Gate Theater Dublin.

Field research. The Gate Theater, Dublin.

Visual Structure Charts. Bruce Block.

Visual structure graphs and early composition exploration thumbnails.

Exploratory character sketches

Character design exploration.

Emil Djakub and Kate early design exploration

Exploratory character sketches.

Early design exploration for Djakub, Kate and Emil.

Exploratory character head concepts.

Emil head turn around model sheet.

Emil  character head model sheet.

Character face lighting chart.

Character face lighting animation test.

Kate 3D head reference.

Emil 3D head reference.

Theater locaiton design exploratory sketches. Green room, costume room, Djakubs desk

Location design work.

Theater stage and catwalk concepts.

Stage concept sketches and catwalk elevation design.

Djakubs costume room table layout concept.

Djakub's desk concept.

Kate and Djakubs costume rooms. Layout and colour concepts.

Costume room concept design work.

Early visual development still.

Theater stage design concepts.

Theater backdrops for acts of play. Opening, Feather, Death, Rise, Fall.

3D theater reference diorama.

3D theater reference diorama.

Kitchen and prop knife model sheet

Kitchen knife and prop knife model sheet.

Fall of the Ibis King colour script

Colour script.

A selection of oil pastel backgrounds I made for the film.
Fall of the Ibis King animation background oil pastel
Theater stage background art oil pastel
Fall of the Ibis King prop tree
Kate changing room chair background art
Backstage theater oil pastel background
Theater wings oil pastel background art
Theater stage from above oil pastel background
Fall of the Ibis King finale oil pastel background
A selection of shots I animated.
A selection of film stills.
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