The initial concept for the project was a game set in a post apocalyptic world with extreme climate conditions. The players must follow a moving habitable zone for the best chance at survival, however this zone would of course be full of other players, some friendly, some hostile.
The most satisfying element to get (almost) working was the tornadoes. These consisted of one script that made them move randomly and a second that pulled nearby objects towards them. Unfortunately I never managed to make the objects spin around the tornado like real life.
This was a simple script that switches a model with a more or less detailed version depending on the players distance from it. Usually used to enhance performance on this project I wanted to try using it to improve the visuals so that the objects in the distance were less detailed than the ones in the foreground.
Like the tornadoes the blizzards also used a random movement script. The plan was for the blizzards to lower the players temperature so only players that had warm clothing and lit fires could survive in the part of the map the blizzard was in. Every model had a snow layer. When the object was within the blizzard this snow layer would be toggled on so that the blizzards region was snow covered. The players movement speed was also halved when walking through snow.
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